How to Propagate Mountain Saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia)

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This guide is meant to teach you how to propagate mountain saxifrage and hopefully make it easier for you to sell it at your own nursery.

Hardiness Zone: 2-7

Soil Type: Well-drained loam & sand

Water: Low to average

Exposure: Partial Sun

Mountain Saxifrage is a succulent-like plant native to alpine regions and the high arctic. It is an evergreen, herbaceous perennial plant, which means it will grow back every season, and its foliage will stay green all year.

You can find Mountain saxifrage worldwide growing naturally in the boreal forests range.

Gives pretty purple/pink flowers starting from spring until early summer.

Fun fact: Saxifraga oppositifolia is the territorial flower of Nunavut, in Canada.

It is one of the hardiest plants in the world, found growing at high altitudes in the alps and even in Kaffeklubben Island, as close as it gets to the north pole on the planet.

Best Way to Propagate Mountain Saxifrage

Method: Division

The best method to propagate mountain saxifrage is to divide from a mature plant, right from the stems, then replant into a propagation bed. Clumps will root best in sandy, chalky soil that drains well.

How long do they take to grow full roots? 3-4 weeks.

Method: Sowing

Alternatively, another method to propagate mountain saxifrage is to sow. Sowing is best done in late autumn, or winter since the seed needs to go through a cold spell to germinate.

Additionally, it might also work for you to sow seeds in early spring, sometimes it’s still cold enough that it triggers the seed out of dormancy.

Online, you can buy mountain saxifrage seeds at jelitto.

How long do they take to germinate? Up to 4 weeks

How to Ready Mountain Saxifrage for Sale

After you root your clumps, the best type of pot to transplant them in are wide, shallow pots. This is because mountain saxifrage is a low-lying shrub, and it likes to spread rather than grow upwards.

Generally, mountain saxifrage grow up to 5cm in height and spread up to 15cm wide.

Finally, how long until they are ready for sale? After a full season of growth, each of your clumps will have grown into large enough plants to sell or propagate from.