Plant Propagation

How to Identify & Propagate Orpine (Hylotelephium telephium)

A field guide on how to identify & propagate Orpine (Hylotelephium telephium), a perennial shrub hardy up to zone 2. Hardiness Zone: 2-9 Soil Type: Well-drained Loam, Sand, or Clay. Water: Dry to Normal. Exposure: Full Sun. How to Identify Orpine (Hyletelephium...

How to Propagate Boxelder Maple (Acer negundo)

A commercial nursery guide on how to propagate American Linden (Tilia Americana), a massive, shade-creating tree.

How to Propagate Trailing Lobelia (Lobelia Erinus)

A nursery guide on how to propagate trailing lobelia (Lobelia erinus). How to take stem cuttings, and how to germinate.

How to Propagate Plants: The Supreme Guide to Plant Cuttings

Learn to propagate plants by using cuttings. The best soil, equipment, the types of cuttings, when to take them, and the elements for success.

Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) Tree Guide with Propagation

This tree guide on Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) is meant to provide all relevant information for tree nursery start-ups out there. Hardiness Zone: 2 - 6 Soil Type:  Acidic, loamy, moist, sandy, well-drained and clay soils. Water: Normal. Prefers...

Plant Propagation Stations: 3 Ways to Start Now in 2022

It's 2022, covid doesn't look like it's over any time soon. We're spending so much more time at home, we gotta do things to keep ourselves occupied. That's where plant propagation comes in! It's wonderful,...

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