About us

Meet the founders

Pascal Yan


Pascal Yan is a strong advocate for sustainability. His love for business and nature channels his energy to change the world one entrepenreur at a time.

Estelle Wang


With a degree in land reclamation and a strong belief in the healing power of nature, Estelle is a solid choice for valuable information and advice.

Hi, I'm Pascal Yan

What's my story?

I'm a guy who decided to turn his life around. After working years in a mechanics shop doing a job I knew was bad for the environment, I quit my job and embarked on a journey to sustainability.

Where I came from

Plant Aquarium
Plants I grew in my virariums
Lizard family
Emerald Swift Family
Lizards 1
Rango, my Chinese Water Dragon
Lizard Babies
My swifts were so happy they had babies!
Lizard Rango
I made sure habitats gave my pets plenty of room to roam.


My Family

The Tipping Point

Getting to Work

Sustainability Checklist

I went as far as making a checklist that a business can follow to make sure they are Eco friendly. If you have a business, please take time to go through it, it will give you good ideas.

Experiencing the World

Garden at the Bay, Singapore
Pascal Yan Lessard, Garden
Sustainability Sign

We saw a lot that brought our hopes up, some fast food chains opted out of serving straws and drink covers on orders. I was shocked and delighted when I looked around in a fast food to see everyone had their drinks in a cup without a straw or cover.

Other small businesses offered snacks in banana leaves like this ice cream cup below. More of this please!

Or seeing people cook huge quantities of food in old school wood fired setups. Pretty energy efficient!

The Harsh Truth

Vietnam Ha Long Bay

Leading by Example

Trashtag Challenge, Hiking Edition

Giving Back

Tree Planting 2019

Tree Loading Sleigh
Pascal Tree Planter 3
Tree planting row
Wild Labrador Tea
Labrador Tea, Quebec
Tiny Orange Mushrooms
Tiny Wild Mushrooms, Quebec
Tree Stump with Little Forest Tea
Little Forest Tea, Quebec
Wild Flowers Quebec
Wild Flowers, Quebec
Wild Flowers Quebec 1
Daises, Quebec
Wild Strawberry
Wild Strawberries, Quebec

Where We Are Now

Hangzhou Botanical Gardens

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