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Eco Friendly Income's I.S.C is a fast and proven way to learn.

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The I.S.C is a clear guide on how to turn your business into an sustainability powerhouse. Being environmentally savvy is going to save on cost, earn you tax credits and deductions.

Sample of Questions Asked on the Checklist

  • "Does your company leadership practice and promote sustainability?"
  • "Do you give preference to local environmentally sustainable suppliers?"
  • "Are your company operations environmentally responsible?"
  • "Do you support and sponsor local nature organisations?"
  • "Do you offer employees opportunities to practice sustainability?"

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Eco Friendly Income's community has been engaged for over 6 years in research to find the best sustainability solutions for small businesses. Over the years, we have found all of the most effective, recommended practices for you to follow to accomplish sustainability within your business.

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Talked to Pascal directly and what a pleasant person to deal with. I received the ISC checklist almost right away and I was amazed at how easy to read understand it is. You can tell there is a lot of care put into it and this guy is the real deal. I'm excited to see the next helpful tools these guys bring out.



I was getting nervous about the government here in Canada introducing a carbon tax, I didn't want it to hit my business hard and take my profits away. I found Pascal online and he suggested I start with the checklist. I thought I'd have to pay some kind of fee but no, it's free! I have to admit it's been super useful and I only have 2 more things to check off!



The Investigation of Sustainability Checklist

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