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What are the Boreal Forest And Where Can we Find them (3)

The Boreal Forests of the World: North’s Natural Wonder

The boreal forests are a vast forest cover spanning throughout the northern hemisphere, mainly north of the 50th parallel. You can find the boreal forest from eastern Canada all the way through Russia and...
How To Make Tea From Wild Plants

23 Northern Ingredients That Make Delicious Wild Tea

Did you know there are wild tea species that grow naturally in North America? Not only is there wild tea, but there are also many other wild plants that make delicious tea, and most...
How to Use Boreal Forest Trees for Medicine

8 Boreal Forest Medicinal Trees Native Americans Used

The boreal forests of the world have some of the coldest temperatures found on the planet. Only the hardiest of humans have been able to inhabit these regions. When conditions are this hard, naturally...
How to Forage For Medicinal Plants

How to Find Medicinal Plants in the Boreal Forest

Among the known non-timber forest products, boreal forest medicinal plants might be the least explored and studied. Truth is, there is a huge potential in medicinal plants that is waiting to be appreciated. While...
Forage for Mushrooms Non-Timber Forest Products

Boreal Forest Mushrooms: Foraging and Identification Guide

Depending on which region of the world you are in, you will find different types of non-timber forest products. Boreal Forest Mushrooms are a famous non-timber forest product that's been intertwined with cultures all...