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Hi, I'm Pascal Yan

Pascal Yan Lessard Eco Friendly Income CEO

My Mission

My aim with Eco Friendly Income is to help nature lovers identify wild plants, mushrooms, and animals. I hope the knowledge I share helps show the true value of our forests and encourages conservation of plants and animals.

I believe that by propagating native plants, we can help nature and earn money at the same time, hence 'eco friendly income'.

With the right tricks, and enough patience, anybody can propagate and sell native plants & seeds. The focus on native plants is to prevent invasive species from threatning our forests, to help pollinators thrive, and to strengthen the precious ecosystems.

I've started a native plants nursery myself, and encourage everyone to do the same! I believe in communities, and I am willing to help anyone who wants to give it a try.

Pascal Yan Lessard Native Plant Nursery

Interested to talk with me?

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